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Changing the Culture Without Being Colonized by It

News and Views

Join us for a full hour of news and opinion. We start with the headlines of the day and then move to a discussion on whether or not there...
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Liberty and the Standards of Jesus

"Stand fast therefore in the liberty by which Christ has made us free . . ." (Galatians 5:1) A spiritually-minded person will never come to you with the demand—”Believe this...
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Work Has More Purpose Than Evangelism

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The Daniel Key

How did a young Jewish man rise to a place of influence and prominence in a pagan culture---and stay true to God? Exploring the choices Daniel made, our guest,...
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Welcome to Your Death

dis·ci·ple: one who adheres to the teaching of another and imitates his example. The bottom line: in calling us to die, Christ is actually rescuing us from death and giving...
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Understanding and Loving a Person with Sexual Addiction

When our guest confessed his infidelity to his wife, she wasn’t sure she could ever trust him again. Together they began a difficult but redemptive journey of understanding sexual...
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Judgment and the Love of God

"The time has come for judgment to begin at the house of God . . ." (1 Peter 4:17) The Christian servant must never forget that salvation is God’s idea,...
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Staying Power

Too often, when a life crisis hits, a marriage suffers--even a healthy one--and all the personality profiles and couples' therapy in the world won't keep your marriage from experiencing...
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Prosperity by the Book - Deuteronomy 5:33

FOLLOWING THE LORD YIELDS LASTING PROSPERITY “You shall walk in all the way that the LORD your God has commanded you, that you may live, and that it may go...
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Grace From The Rubble

In what was to become the deadliest attack on American soil since Pearl Harbor, the Oklahoma City bombing was one in a long line of violent attacks that have...
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How Do You Deal With Painful Truths? Left vs. Right