Your Personal Challenges and Ambitions

Can you relate to any of these personal challenges?

  1. I feel somewhat incompetent in matters of business.
  2. I lack a genuine sense of purpose in my occupation.
  3. I often lack the motivation necessary to get started.
  4. I often lack the endurance necessary to keep going.
  5. I wrestle with a fear of failure as an entrepreneur.

Can you identify with any of these personal ambitions?

  1. I want to achieve some measure of lasting success.
  2. I want to develop a Biblical worldview of business.
  3. I want to develop a larger vision for my business.
  4. I want to glean from the wisdom gained by others.
  5. I want to maximize my God-given potential.

What we offer to help you overcome your challenges and pursue your ambitions:

  1. Wisdom@Work Resources
  2. CBN Devotionals
  3. Media Resources
  4. Material Resources
  5. Resource Partners
  6. Professional Groups