Matters for Prayer

Join Us in Asking the Lord to Demonstrate and Display His Greatness

Pray for Global Expansion:

  1. Global Presence – that people from every nation would become aware of CBN's existence
  2. Global Membership – that people from every region of the world would choose to join CBN
  3. Global Participation – that people everywhere would participate in CBN groups and webinars
  4. Global Impact – that people worldwide would be equipped to serve as Christ's ambassadors
  5. Global Praise – that people worldwide would praise God for the blessings received from CBN

Pray for Global Teams:

  1. Global Business Advisers – a global team of wise business advisers committed to our success
  2. Global Prayer Partners – a global team of prayer warriors who are mighty in faith and prayer
  3. Global Business Partners – a global team of trustworthy business partners helping us succeed
  4. Global Business Professionals – a global team of competent business professionals to help us
  5. Global Servant-Leaders – a global team of servant-leaders eager to equip marketplace leaders

Pray for Abundant Resources:

  1. An Abundance of Business Resources necessary to build and develop our global vision
  2. An Abundance of Financial Resources necessary to finance and sustain our global vision
  3. An Abundance of Human Resources necessary to manage and administer our global vision
  4. An Abundance of Professional Resources necessary to market and promote our global vision
  5. An Abundance of Technology Resources necessary to deliver excellence in our global vision

Pray for Abundant Wisdom:

  1. A Brand Development Strategy that will enable us to develop and promote our global brand
  2. A Content Publishing Strategy that will enable us to publish original and curated content
  3. A Digital Marketing Strategy that will enable us to market our services via digital technology
  4. A Leadership Development Strategy that will enable us to develop and train global leaders
  5. A Social Media Strategy that will enable us to harness the awesome power of social media