Matters for Prayer

Join Us in Asking the Lord to Demonstrate and Display His Greatness

Pray for Global Expansion:

  1. Global Presence: That people from every nation would become aware of CBN's existence
  2. Global Membership: That people from every region of the world would choose to join CBN
  3. Global Participation: That people everywhere would participate in CBN groups and webinars
  4. Global Impact: That people worldwide would be equipped to serve as Christ's ambassadors
  5. Global Praise: That people worldwide would praise God for the blessings received from CBN

Pray for Global Teams:

  1. Global Business Advisers: A global team of wise business advisers committed to our success
  2. Global Prayer Partners: A global team of prayer warriors who are mighty in faith and prayer
  3. Global Business Partners: A global team of trustworthy business partners helping us succeed
  4. Global Business Professionals: A global team of competent business professionals to help us
  5. Global Servant-Leaders: A global team of servant-leaders eager to equip marketplace leaders

Pray for Abundant Resources:

  1. Abundant Business Resources: Everything necessary to build and develop our global vision
  2. Abundant Financial Resources: Everything necessary to finance and sustain our global vision
  3. Abundant Human Resources: Everything necessary to manage and administer our global vision
  4. Abundant Professional Resources: Everything necessary to help accomplish our global vision
  5. Abundant Technology Resources: Everything necessary to develop a state-of-the-art platform

Pray for Abundant Wisdom:

  1. Brand Development Strategy: One that will enable us to develop and promote our global brand
  2. Content Publishing Strategy: One that will enable us to publish original and curated content
  3. Digital Marketing Strategy: One that will enable us to market our services via digital technology
  4. Leadership Development Strategy: One that will enable us to develop and train global leaders
  5. Social Media Strategy: One that will enable us to harness the awesome power of social media