In The Market with Janel Parshall Interview

CBN President, Michael Chetelat, had the distinct honor of being interviewed by Janet Parshall on Moody Radio’s broadcast In the Market with Janet Parshall. Janet is one of the most well-respected Christian radio hosts on the planet. This interview enabled tens of thousands of people to learn about the Christian Business Network for the first time.

Five key questions are addressed by Michael in this interview with Janet Parshall:
  1. Who is equipping God’s people for effective service in the marketplace?
  2. Who is validating our vocational calling as marketplace ambassadors?
  3. What do we mean by our standard “Aspire to Greatness – Become a Slave”?
  4. How do we reconcile a position of leadership with a spirit of servanthood?
  5. How can we get connected with other believers in the global marketplace?