Membership Services

Connection ServicesPerson-to-person, in Groups, and via Social Networks

Connect with Members of interest whether individually or within groups, on-line, in-person, over-the-phone, or by means of links to their social networking pages such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+.

Communication ServicesPrivate & Group Emailing, Messaging and Chatting

Communicate with Members individually or in groups via our emailing, in-network messaging and on-line chatting services. There are no limitations on the frequency or number of members you may contact.

Collaboration ServicesPersonal, Group & Community Blogs and Forums

Collaborate with Members as you share relevant information, publish original content, discuss common topics, recommend valuable resources, offer helpful advice, address issues of interest, and much more.

Content ManagementHost Files, Documents, Photo Albums, and Profile Pages

Manage Private Content such as files, documents, presentations, images, Internet links as well as customized profile pages in order to share them with fellow members or store them for future use.

Group ServicesOver 6,000 On-line Regional and Industry Groups to Join

Join Groups of Interest whether on-line or in-person in order to connect, communicate, collaborate, and congregate with fellow members from various industries, occupations, and locations around the world.

Professional ProfilesCreate an Extensive and Professional On-line Profile

Build a Professional Profile that includes extensive information about who you are, what organization you represent, what industries you serve, what your vocation is, and what regions of the world you serve.

Promotional ServicesWebpage Sponsorship, Press Releases, and Webinar Hosting

Promote Your Organization along with its products, services, resources, mission and cause by means of sponsoring regional webpages, broadcasting newsworthy updates, and conducting topical webinars.