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Hans Finzel is known as an author of great leadership books. He travels the world speaking and teaching on all things leadership. Hans is a successful author, mentor, speaker and trusted authority in the field of leadership. Hans has trained leaders internationally on five continents. He and Donna founded HDLeaders in 2012 where he serves as President. Prior to that, Hans completed twenty years as President and CEO of international non-profit WorldVenture. Hans and his wife Donna spent ten years living in Vienna, Austria while training leaders throughout Eastern Europe behind the Iron Curtain before the fall of communism. He has an earned doctorate in the field of leadership from Fuller School of Intercultural Studies. He has served on the Board of Trustees of Columbia International University (CIU.EDU) for twenty years. (read more)

Finding Adventure and Purpose Later in Life

Leadership and Management podcast entitled: Finding Adventure and Purpose Later in Life  In this episode Rick and I are going to unpack the idea of having a vibrant life after...
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Launch Your Encore - Part 1

Leadership and Management podcast entitled: Launch Your Encore - Part 1  This episode is part one of a three part interview with my co-author Rick Hicks on our new book...
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We need to lead to leave - not hang around past our prime

Dirty Delegation - One the Greatest of Leadership Sins

Leadership and Management podcast entitled: Leadership Pain Points  In this episode I cover: Over-managing is one of the great cardinal sins of poor leadership. Nothing frustrates those who work for...
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Leadership Pain Points

Leadership and Management podcast entitled: Leadership Pain Points  In response to asking my listeners to share their pain points with me, I share in this episode some of the biggest...
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Dictatorship in Decision Making

Leadership and Management podcast entitled: Dictatorship in Decision Making  In this episode I cover the nature of dictators and why they are so terrible to work with and work for....
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How to recover from a burn out


No Room for Mavericks

Leadership and Management podcast entitled: No Room for Mavericks  In this episode I cover what a maverick is, how to identify them and why they are so crucial for the...
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Go Ahead, Take the Plunge

Leadership and Management podcast entitled: Go Ahead, Take the Plunge  In this episode I cover: If your heart has been robbed of it’s passion, you have two options: get your...
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How to handle opposition

Getting Your Groove Back

Leadership and Management podcast entitled: Getting Your Groove Back  In this episode I cover: A pain point about being scared to confront problems on your team, including problem team members;...
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Passion Piranhas Out to Rob Your Heart

Leadership and Management podcast entitled: Passion Piranhas Out to Rob Your Heart  In this podcast you will learn about all the piranhas out to steal the passion from your heart....
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