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Purpose in Prayer

Wonderful Results of Prayer (3)

Prayer is mighty in its operations, and God never disappoints those who put their trust and confidence in Him. They may have to wait long for the answer, and...
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Wonderful Results of Prayer (2)

The purpose of asking is to receive. The aim of seeking is to find. The goal of knocking is to arouse attention and get in. This is Christ’s iterated...
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Wonderful Results of Prayer (1)

The man who truly prays gets from God many things denied to the prayerless man. The aim of all real praying is to get the thing prayed for, as...
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Prayerless Praying (3)

Prayerless praying . . . divorces praying from living; it utters its words against the world, but with heart and life runs into the world; it prays for humility,...
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Prayerless Praying (2)

Prayerless praying lacks the essential element of true praying; it is not based on desire, and it is devoid of earnestness and faith. Prayerless praying has no burden, because...
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Prayerless Praying (1)

Prayerless praying by lips and hearts untrained in prayer, by lives out of harmony with Jesus Christ; prayerless praying, which has the form and motion of prayer but is...
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The Possibilities of Prayer

The possibilities of prayer run parallel with the promises of God. Prayer opens an outlet for the promises, removes the hindrances in the way of their execution, puts them...
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Praying Men and Personal Purity

Men of [William] Wilberforce’s character are needed today—praying men, who know how to give themselves to the greatest task demanding their time and their attention, men who can give...
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Secret Prayer

“Men ought always to pray, and not to faint” (Luke 18:1). . . The always speaks for itself. Prayer is not a meaningless function or duty to be crowded...
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Persistence in Prayer

Prayer, in its highest form and its grandest success, assumes the attitude of a wrestler with God. Prayer is the contest, trial, and victory of faith — a victory...
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The Energy of Prayer

We are all in danger of substituting church work and a ceaseless round of showy activities for prayer and holy living. . . The burden of the apostolic effort...
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Living in an Attitude of Prayer

There are, and there ought to be, set seasons of communion with God, when everything else is shut out and we come into His presence to talk to Him...
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