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A Man's Guide to Work

Planning: If God is Sovereign, Why Plan?

God Has a Plan : The first thing we see in the Bible is that God has a sovereign plan—a plan that will always prevail. Consider the Proverbs: To man b...
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Prayer: Is it Okay to Pray for Success

Then Nehemiah requested, “O Lord, let your ear be attentive to the prayer of this your servant and to the prayers of your servants who delight in reve...
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Priorities: Temporal Work as a Kingdom Priority

What Are Priorities, and Why Do They Matter? Everyone lives by priorities. Basically, a priority is something to which we assign a degree of importanc...
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Money: Promises, Pleasures, and Perils

A Biblical Perspective on Wealth There are lots of Bible verses on wealth, but none is more central to the biblical perspective than Luke 16:13. It sa...
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Witnessing: Authentic Ways to Share Your Faith

If you are a Christian in the workplace, you no doubt experience both the desire to witness about your faith and the tension in not knowing what to do...
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People: Neighbor-Love at Work

Serving people is the purpose of work—because the sovereign God is always orchestrating all human events to bring people into right relationship with ...
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Performance: What is Our Duty on the Job?

Two Essentials: Performance and love . For a Christian in the workplace, both are essential. How do you balance the need to perform and produce measur...
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Integrity: Ten Commandments & Golden Rule

The single most important attribute in business is integrity . Integrity—and its offspring, trust—are the linchpins that hold business together. All t...
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Purpose: Why Do We work?

The Main Thing That Is Always Happening What is “the main thing” that God is always doing in the world? It’s bringing people into right relationship w...
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Leadership: The Crafting of a Leader

You may be a leader by position or not, but everyone has influence over others—whether a supervisor, customer service rep, salesman, or tradesman. You...
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