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Acquainted with Grief

My Utmost His Highest

"He is . . . a Man of sorrows and acquainted with grief." (Isaiah 53:3) 

We are not “acquainted with grief” in the same way our Lord was acquainted with it. We endure it and live through it, but we do not become intimate with it. At the beginning of our lives we do not bring ourselves to the point of dealing with the reality of sin. We look at life through the eyes of reason and say that if a person will control his instincts, and educate himself, he can produce a life that will slowly evolve into the life of God. But as we continue on through life, we find the presence of something which we have not yet taken into account, namely, sin. . . Sin is blatant mutiny against God, and either sin or God must die in my life. . . if sin rules in me, God’s life in me will be killed; if God rules in me, sin in me will be killed. (read more) (purchase)

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