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The Mystery of Believing

My Utmost His Highest

"He said, 'Who are You, Lord?'" (Acts 9:5) 

Many people begin coming to God once they stop being religious, because there is only one master of the human heart — Jesus Christ, not religion. But “Woe is me” if after seeing Him I still will not obey (Isaiah 6:1, 5). Jesus will never insist that I obey, but if I don’t, I have already begun to sign the death certificate of the Son of God in my soul. When I stand face to face with Jesus Christ and say, “I will not obey,” He will never insist. But when I do this, I am backing away from the recreating power of His redemption. It makes no difference to God’s grace what an abomination I am, if I will only come to the light. But “Woe is me” if I refuse the light (see John 3:19-21). (read more) (purchase)

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The Miracle of Belief
The Submission of the Believer

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