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The Secret of the Lord

My Utmost His Highest

"The secret of the Lord is with those who fear Him . . .’" (Psalm 25:14) 

Have we ever let God tell us any of His joys? Or are we continually telling God our secrets, leaving Him no time to talk to us? At the beginning of our Christian life we are full of requests to God. But then we find that God wants to get us into an intimate relationship with Himself— to get us in touch with His purposes. Are we so intimately united to Jesus Christ’s idea of prayer — “Your will be done” (Matthew 6:10) — that we catch the secrets of God? What makes God so dear to us is not so much His big blessings to us, but the tiny things, because they show His amazing intimacy with us — He knows every detail of each of our individual lives. (read more) (purchase)

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