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Wonderful Results of Prayer (2)

E.M. Bounds On Prayer

The purpose of asking is to receive. The aim of seeking is to find. The goal of knocking is to arouse attention and get in. This is Christ’s iterated and reiterated affirmation: the prayer will be answered, without a doubt, and its end will undoubtedly be secured, not by some roundabout way, but by getting the very thing asked for. The value of prayer does not lie in the number of prayers or the length of prayers; rather, its value is found in the great truth that we are privileged, by our relationship to God, to unburden our desires and to make our requests known to Him (see Philippians 4:6), and that He will relieve by granting our petitions. The child asks because the parent is in the habit of granting the child’s requests. Likewise, we, as the children of God, need something, and we need it badly; and so we go to God for it.  (Purchase Book)

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Taken from E. M. Bounds on Prayer by E. M. Bounds.

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