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Radical Change

Join us to hear the dramatic transformation of the gang leader once considered one of California's most violent criminals! Our guest will describe his childhood in Los Angeles, what...
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Abuse is never acceptable but this topic is almost always avoided in the Church. Why is that? Where does someone turn to for help? How do you counsel a...
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Let's Talk

Hard conversations challenge everyone. Some people make every effort to avoid them altogether; others dive in enthusiastically, damaging relationships in the process. A solid middle ground is difficult to...
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What Is Your Question?

What is the question you have always wanted answered? You know the one – that tough topic you struggle with in Scripture. We spend the entire hour answering those...
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Jesus and the Old Testament

Join us for a lively discussion on whether or not Jesus was actually Greek and not Jewish. We will also discuss disconnecting from the Old Testament and whether or...
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Is Harvard Racist?

Jewish Jesus

Since the first days of the early church, the Jewish people have been much of the focus of evangelism. History bears out the fact that the Church has long...
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A Stunning Victory

It has been a long and difficult legal battle but the outcome was worth the wait.  Janet will share her thoughts in this week’s 3-minute commentary entitled: A Stunning...
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Why Does God Allow Suffering?

When it comes to the big questions about suffering and evil - Did God create evil? How could a good God allow evil? How could a loving God allow...
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Tell The Good News

Conversations matter. Yet, recently, good conversations about faith have been increasingly squeezed out of the public sphere. Seeking to reopen the debate, our guest began to invite atheists and...
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Wealth Distribution vs. Biblical Truth

More and more people are supporting socialism these days—from radical leftists to well-meaning Christians. Many people point to the Biblical commandments to look after the poor as an endorsement...
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Time For A Reset

Do rough patches ever catch you by surprise, causing you to think Why is it so hard right now? Why is there tension? Was it something I did? Despite...
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