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Truth That Stands

Addressing 12 controversial issues about Christianity, the Bible’s teaching on gender and sexuality, the reality of heaven and hell, and more, our guest will discuss how current psychological and...
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Is Denmark Socialist?

How God Became Jesus

Did the earliest disciples believe that Jesus was God? Did Jesus Himself claim to be God or was this some invention of the Church. From the pages of Church...
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Where You There?

What must it have been like on that busy Friday afternoon when a Man, a Man like no other, was about to die a horrible death – and make...
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Today, on Good Friday, we will take a look at the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus. As we survey the “old rugged cross,” our guest will provide biblical...
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Your Turn Now!

On the program this we learned the importance of slowing down our busy lives to draw near to God. We entered into the fray of battle as we once...
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A Great Week!

This week on In The Market with Janet Parshall we were joined by our favorite pastor and apologist from Dundee Scotland to talk about the latest news regarding Brexit...
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Which god is God? What is a human? What is sin? What is salvation? You may never have thought much about these questions. But the fact is we all...
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Honest Evangelism

Hostility and hunger - that's the response to the message of Jesus. The first is painful, the second is wonderful. Our guest today will offer clarity, realism and humor...
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Put On The Armor of God

The topic of spiritual war is often contentious in the Church but regardless of what anyone may believe, the Bible underscores the reality of the battle “in the heavenlies.”...
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News From Around the World

Join us for a fact filled hours of news. We start with the headlines of the day and then discuss a new movie based on one of the most...
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Close to God

In this fast-paced, always-busy world, have you ever wanted to simply slow down and be present to God, and yourself? It takes practice and intentionality to do so! Our...
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A View to the World

This hour, we go round-robin with our Scottish pastor and apologist from Dundee. Join us as we discuss Brexit, media bias, Christian persecution, and Ricky Gervais.  Audio broadcast: A...
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