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Dangerous Ideas

Join us as we continue a discussion on how the New Age movements, both ideas and practices, are working their way into the Church today. Learn to recognize the...
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Staying In Love

Healthy relationships produce joy, and joy keeps the relationship healthy. Today, our two guests will incorporate brain science and habit theory to teach you relational skills that will boost...
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Who Are the Racists?

The Candace Owens Show: Allie Stuckey

Let’s Hear From You!

What a week of radio! This week on In The Market with Janet Parshall we talked about a simple, practical system for making decisions in our lives. We sharpened...
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What’s So Good About the Good Book?

A new survey points out what happens when you read the Bible – and the results just might surprise you.  Janet will share her thoughts in this week’s 3-minute...
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Another Great Week!

This week on In The Market with Janet Parshall we learned how to answer 12 of the most common controversial questions about the Christian faith. We discussed how the...
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What Is Your Question?

Countless people are worried, angry, fearful and just plain confused when it comes to some of the more perplexing issues that life poses and the Bible provokes. Come with...
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To The Least Of These

What is it like to be the parent of a ‘special needs’ child? How can the Church reach out and support those families with a member of the household...
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Every marriage has sparks that fly but what happens when those sparks turn into a forest fire of rage? When is it enough? Join us with your questions about...
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Sunshine and Black Holes

Join us for a full hour of lively conversation. We start with the headlines of the day and then share with you a fabulous upcoming Fathom event you won’t...
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Fighting for Our Faith

Today our guest offers four arguments for God's existence, defends the historicity of Jesus' personal claims and resurrection, addresses the problem of suffering, and shows why religious relativism doesn't...
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Science Speaks

A leading proponent of intelligent design in the scientific community will talk about his book Signature in the Cell which makes a comprehensive case for intelligent design based upon...
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The Next Steps

When we have a decision to make, what we want more than anything is peace, clarity, and a nudge in the right direction. If you have trouble making decisions...
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