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Do You Have A Question?

Join us for a full hour of questions and answers dealing with those tough issues that often get us ‘stuck’ in the Scriptures. Questions like: Did Jesus ever sin?...
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Freedom, Facebook and Film

We start the hour by looking at the big headlines of the day before moving to a discussion on how one woman was banned and then restored to Facebook...
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The Left Ruins Everything

The Candace Owens Show: Brandon Tatum

Healing For The Abused

There are people who have been broken and bruised by sexual abuse sitting in the pews every Sunday morning. Sadly many wounded people in the body of believers live...
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The Fading of The First

An atheist group has threatened a sheriff in Virginia – and the atheists have won … for now.  Janet will share her thoughts in this week’s 3-minute commentary entitled:...
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God's Bottom Line

You might think that anyone who is educated at Harvard Business School would strictly have a “bottom line” mindset. Join us to hear from one Ivy League educated man...
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Knowing His Book

The Bible can be intimidating and hard to understand but it still remains the bestselling book in history. Whether you're already a Christian, new believer or skeptic, this conversation...
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Middle East Time Bomb

The Middle East is a powder keg ready to explode at any minute. The rise of ISIS, the conflicts in Syria, the involvement of Russia and the ongoing attacks...
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Redeem The Time

We have all wasted time in our lives and for the most part we never think twice about it. But our guest is here to remind us that the...
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The Challenge of Islam

How does Islamic culture challenge the Judeo-Christian concept of human rights? What does Sharia Law mean for women? Join us as we learn about the challenges that exist with...
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Lessons From Daniel

The prophet Daniel lived in a time when people forgot God and lived for themselves. What did Daniel do when he knew judgement was coming? Are there lessons from...
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What Real Repentance and Healing Looks Like

Is true forgiveness really possible – even when someone has done the unthinkable? Join us to hear the story of two people who walked the road of healing, a...
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From Fear to Bold Faith

What's keeping you from sharing the Gospel with the people in your life, even the strangers you meet every day? Can we conquer our fears by simply changing our...
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