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The Candace Owens Show: Roseanne Barr

Your Opinion Counts!

On the program this week, we heard solid answers to some of those tough biblical questions. We talked about the breaking the silence of abuse, especially in the Church....
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Show Me The Money

Want to hear a good news story about your federal tax dollars at work?  Janet will share her thoughts in this week’s 3-minute commentary entitled: Show Me The Money. ...
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What A Week!

This week on In The Market with Janet Parshall we looked at the effort by some to disconnect the Old Testament from the New Testament. We learned Christ honoring...
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My Affliction

Adversity can lead to doubt on the deepest levels: compared to others who have it "all together," our lives, with our difficulties, can seem beyond our ability to deal...
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Around The World

We are traveling the world this hour. First, we begin with the headlines of the day and then we wing our way to overseas to hear how Syrian refugees...
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Ready For Real Change?

Tired of diet plans that don't work? Focus on progress, not perfection! Emphasizing the importance of minimizing sugar and short-term intermittent fasting, our guests combine key spiritual principles with...
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Radical Change

Join us to hear the dramatic transformation of the gang leader once considered one of California's most violent criminals! Our guest will describe his childhood in Los Angeles, what...
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Abuse is never acceptable but this topic is almost always avoided in the Church. Why is that? Where does someone turn to for help? How do you counsel a...
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Let's Talk

Hard conversations challenge everyone. Some people make every effort to avoid them altogether; others dive in enthusiastically, damaging relationships in the process. A solid middle ground is difficult to...
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What Is Your Question?

What is the question you have always wanted answered? You know the one – that tough topic you struggle with in Scripture. We spend the entire hour answering those...
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Jesus and the Old Testament

Join us for a lively discussion on whether or not Jesus was actually Greek and not Jewish. We will also discuss disconnecting from the Old Testament and whether or...
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Is Harvard Racist?

Jewish Jesus

Since the first days of the early church, the Jewish people have been much of the focus of evangelism. History bears out the fact that the Church has long...
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