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The “Go” of Unconditional Identification

"Jesus . . . said to him, ’One thing you lack: Go your way, sell whatever you have and give to the poor . . . and come, take...
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How to Be An Awesome Delegator - Part 1

Leadership and Management podcast entitled: How to Be An Awesome Delegator - Part 1  Over-managing is one of the great cardinal sins of poor leadership. Nothing frustrates those who work...
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The “Go” of Renunciation

". . . someone said to Him, ’Lord, I will follow You wherever You go.’" (Luke 9:57)  Our Lord’s answers were not based on some whim or impulsive thought,...
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The “Go” of Reconciliation

"If you . . . remember that your brother has something against you . . ." (Matthew 5:23)  If something is brought to your conscious mind by the Spirit...
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Checks and Balances

Since the Supreme Court was established in 1789, presidents have submitted 163 nominations – and it is about to happen again.  Janet will share her thoughts in this week’s...
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The “Go” of Relationship

"Whoever compels you to go one mile, go with him two." (Matthew 5:41)  Our Lord’s teaching can be summed up in this: the relationship that He demands for us...
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The “Go” of Preparation

"If you bring your gift to the altar, and there remember that your brother has something against you, leave your gift there before the altar, and go your way....
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The Missionary’s Goal

"He . . . said to them, ’Behold, we are going up to Jerusalem . . . ’" (Luke 18:31)  In our natural life our ambitions change as we...
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The Missionary’s Master and Teacher

"You call Me Teacher and Lord, and you say well, for so I am . . . I say to you, a servant is not greater than his master...
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I Love America Too Much to Stay Silent

The Missionary’s Predestined Purpose

"Now the Lord says, who formed Me from the womb to be His Servant . . ." (Isaiah 49:5)  The first thing that happens after we recognize our election...
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Paperwork and Peoplework

Leadership and Management podcast entitled: Paperwork and Peoplework  Are you “people oriented” or “task oriented”? We all fight the battle of paperwork, especially today with all the different ways that...
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The Candace Owens Show: Heather Mac Donald

The Divine Commandment of Life

". . . be perfect, just as your Father in heaven is perfect." (Matthew 5:48)  Our Lord’s exhortation to us in Matthew 5:38-48 is to be generous in our...
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