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Episode #104: Valuable Voyage

Who Is The Anti-Christ?

Who is the antichrist---and how will we recognize him when he appears? What advance signs will herald his rise to power? Does God's Word identify him as the military...
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Revolutionary Monsters

All sparked movements in the name of liberating their people from their oppressors—capitalists, foreign imperialists, or dictators in their own country. These revolutionaries rallied the masses in the name...
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How do I feed my heart to avoid burnout?

Movie Moments and Military Moves

We start this hour with the stories making headlines today. We then share the exciting news of a new, major movie picture coming soon that tells the story of...
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The Path Out of Loneliness

Loneliness has reached epidemic proportions. We have lost the art of connection and relationship, and it's killing us. Odds are good that you have a loved one or friend...
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Hollywood and Beyond

Join us this hour as we hear reasons to pray for two very special groups of people: First, the most powerful group of people influencers in the world –...
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News and Views

Join us for a full hour of news and analysis. We start with some of the stories making headlines and then engage one of America’s most renowned pollsters who...
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The Bankrupting of America

Religious Liberty – A Global Right

A new report reminds us that the right to worship openly, free from government intrusion, is not universally enjoyed?  Janet will share her thoughts in this week’s 3-minute commentary...
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Scientific research shows how sexual activity releases brain chemicals that trigger emotional bonding between partners. Breaking these bonds can have damaging effects on the brain such as depression and...
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Confronting Christianity

Addressing 12 controversial issues about Christianity such as the Bible’s teaching on gender and sexuality, the reality of heaven and hell, and more, our guest will discuss how current...
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You’ve Got This

Our guest is a pediatrician and she has a message for dads: “Whether you know it or not if you're a dad, you’re a hero.” Even if you're struggling...
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Deep in the heart of every believer, there is a faint whisper. A call. A prompting. We go about our business and we hear it. We see and interact...
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