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Person of Interest

Imagine investigating a murder where there was no crime scene, physical evidence, or body. How could you prove your case? Drawing on his experience as a homicide detective, our...
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Great Is They Faithfulness

Are you feeling lost and hopeless? Join us to hear one of the nation’s most gifted writers help us find rest for your soul by hearing the reassurances of...
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The Lies We Believe

In a world that is veering dangerously off course from what it calls "truth", we need to unmask the lies we unwittingly believe, lies that destroy us and ultimately...
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Fighting Depression

No one is exempt from occasional gloomy feelings. But when depression hits, you can identify the roots and change your negative thinking. God does not want you depressed. He...
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From Pain To Purpose

You may have recently suffered the loss of a loved one, a job, a home, or a business. Or perhaps you’re rebuilding after a painful divorce. Major losses like...
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The Great Texas Freeze of 2021

Episode #100: The New Frontier

Avoiding The Greener Grass Syndrome

Extramarital affairs are certainly not the social taboo that they once were, and may be more prevalent now than ever. Unfortunately, Christians are not exempt. With the anonymity of...
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How do I confront people when they need it?

You Carried Me

What happens when the survivor of a botched abortion finds her birth mother? Hear the emotional story of an abortion survivor and her journey from anger to forgiveness on...
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Hope For The Same-Sex Attracted

How can a person with same-sex attraction faithfully follow Jesus in his or her sexuality? How can the Church support and encourage someone who struggles in this area? Today,...
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Count It All Joy

We think of suffering as the worst of all evils. Our culture tells us to avoid it at all costs. But can suffering produce growth in us when we...
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God and the Problem of Evil

Whether reeling from a financial crisis or wringing your hands in a hospital waiting room, you've probably struggled to make sense out of sorrow. Today our guest flags the...
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Understanding Nixon

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