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The Most Important Questions

Do you have questions about God's Word? Join us to hear concise, easy-to-understand, biblically-based explanations concerning topics such as God, Jesus' passion on the cross, spiritual life and behavior,...
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How can I help my team be better leaders?

The Force That Shapes the World (1)

The prayers of God's saints are the capital stock in heaven by which Christ carries on His great work upon the earth. Great throes and mighty convulsions in the...
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Courageous Faith

Resilience is a hallmark of the African American community, especially for women. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t moments when people want to give up. Just us to hear...
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Liberty For All

Join us to hear the challenges teachers, parents, and students are facing in the classroom today. Learn how taking a stand may cost you your job, your reputation, and...
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Believing Is Seeing

Is it possible that reality can be perceived most clearly with the eyes of faith? Join us to hear a best-selling author and Emmy-winning journalist who used to be...
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Spiritual Failure

Do you believe that our failure in Afghanistan is ultimately a spiritual one? Our guest says “yes”. Join us to hear her reasons why and listen as she shares...
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A Palestinian Explains Hamas

The Blessing Of Work

What’s so special about work?  Janet will share her thoughts in this week’s 3-minute commentary entitled: The Blessing Of Work  Come Join Us as we strive to live out...
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Do You Have A Question?

It’s that time again! Join us to ask any question you have about the Bible or about Christianity - from “Do babies go to heaven?” to “Did Jesus ever...
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Catastrophe in Afghanistan

A catastrophe has taken place in Kabul Afghanistan today. We will go live as the president addresses the nation and we will give you the latest updates. Will also...
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Episode #97: Switching Lanes with Heather Creech

Christians And Cannabis

How should a Christian view the recent legalization of recreational cannabis and the use of marijuana for medical purposes? Now that some state and local governments are declaring both...
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Crisis In Afghanistan

In this hour, we focus on the situation in Afghanistan. We will take a look at the mounting demand that American troops withdraw by the end of the month...
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